Workouts This Week (4/11/2016-4/18/2016) + Progress Since January

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I thought this week might be a good time to check in with my post-baby body progress. The last time I really took a look at my progress was January. My twins are now 17 months old!

I haven’t really lost much weight, maybe a few pounds that fluctuate. I definitely feel stronger and a little leaner. I’m still about 7 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight, but I don’t really mind the scale too much. I’ve gained a lot of muscle, and I think a little more weight loss will come once the twins wean from breastfeeding. We are down to twice per day now, and it’s probably going to happen sooner than later – definitely bittersweet!

postpartum fitness

                   14 months postpartum vs 17 months postpartum

I was just thinking about my mindset after I first had the twins. I was so self-conscious. I went from feeling like the most beautiful pregnant woman in the world, to feeling frumpy and exhausted. I know my expectations were unrealistic. I thought I would just “bounce back” after a few weeks – like the celebrities do. I wish we could all just accept that the timeline to get back in shape is most likely not 6 weeks for the average person. I’m hoping that through my real experiences you’ll see that these changes take time and effort. I’m still not 100% where I’d like to be. I think pregnancy, especially twin pregnancy, is a lot for the body to handle. My body is now, and always will be, a work in progress. We need to be gentle with ourselves and not expect too much too soon. I’m just glad and proud to have gained so much strength and fit into my old jeans. At the end of the day – that’s all that really matters!

We’ve been loving the nicer weather and getting outside for some workouts! It’s a nice change of scenery from the basement, plus it affords me the opportunity to workout when the babies are awake. Sometimes I need early morning & nap time for school work, so this is a great option. The twins have a great time running around and playing. They love to say “shoes” and their little faces light up when we get ready to go out.



Now onto the workouts!

Monday: 4/11

max chin ups x 3
max pull ups x 3
static ring holds, 20 seconds x 3 (I have these)

push press – worked up to 95#

WOD – 3 rounds:
15 box jumps
20 push press (45#)
15 ring rows
15 barbell good mornings

cash out:
3 x 12 long sided barbell rows (I had a 25# plate on – see demo)
3 x 12 one-armed bent over rows (20# KB)

Tuesday: 4/12

turkish get ups – did multiple sets with 20# KB until form suffered

3 rounds:
5 assisted pistols (each side)
10 KB cleans (each side)

3 x 10 OH triceps extension
3 x 10 dips
3 x 10 tricep pull down with band

Wednesday: 4/13

5 sets of 10 back squats (65# – I don’t have a squat rack)

WOD – 3 rounds:

10 pushups
15 barbell hip thrusts (65#)
5 chest flies on the rings
10 reverse lunges (each leg)
10 single leg deadlifts (each leg)
10 goblet squats (35#)

cash out:

3 x 10 hack squats 65#
3 x 10 glute kickbacks

Thursday: 4/14


3 rounds:

20 KB swings (35#)
15 sumo deadlift high pull (35#)
10 burpees

10 sets of stroller sprints

Friday: 4/15

max pull ups x 3
5, 4, 3, 2, 1 chin ups

Power cleans: worked up to 105#. Couldn’t get 115, though I tried!!!

WOD – 5 rounds:
5 snatches (65#)
10 hanging knee raises
30 second plank
100 jump ropes

Saturday: 4/16

rest day!

Sunday: 4/17

max chin ups x 3
3 x 3 negative pull ups
3 x 10 ring rows

WOD – 3 rounds:
14 push press (65#)
14 straight leg deadlift (65#)
7 burpees
took me about 8 minutes, I was slow.

3 rounds:
max ring hold
max wall sit
10 hanging knee raises
10 lying leg lifts

Monday: 4/18

warm up: jump rope

deadlifts – worked up to 5 sets at 165!

That’s all for this week. Let me know if you did any great workouts in the comments! Always looking for inspiration 🙂



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I PRed my clean & jerk at 137 lbs at a C&J clinic at my gym on Sunday! My hamstrings are so sore!

The possibility of losing my body forever is definitely something that scares me about having kids… but you are proof that it is not a foregone conclusion. Keep up the good work, you look great!
Amber @ Busy, Bold, Blessed recently posted…A Lovely Weekend in HoustonMy Profile

OMG, 137!? That’s amazing. So happy for you!!!

And, thank you! It’s definitely not easy to get back in shape, but I wasn’t working out like this before I became pregnant either. I basically just did a ton of walking. If you decide to have a baby, you’ll already have an awesome foundation! 🙂

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