Workouts This Week (5/8/2016-5/15/2016)

So, it’s been a couple of weeks since I posted my workouts. My ankle is finally starting to feel better! I purchased a copper compression┬ásleeve for my ankle, and it did ease the pain a bit (<—amazon affiliate link). As soon as my ankle got better, the girls and I picked up another cold/sinus infection. There is always something! Because of this, my workouts have been a little less intense and I’ve taken a lot more rest days. Oh well. I’m trying to focus more on overall wellness and I’m not interested in overexerting myself when sick or injured!

In other news, my twins weaned from breastfeeding last week. We made it to just under 18 months! They were down to one feeding per day and I’m pretty sure all 3 of us were ready. I know they loved it, but they were really good sports and went to bed just fine without it. It’s such a bittersweet time.


The good news is (despite how tired I look in this 5 am pre-workout photo), I have SO much more energy since weaning. School is going to get more intense very soon and I was definitely struggling with my energy level. I’m glad to start to feel like “myself” again, despite the difficulty of this emotional milestone!

The girls have also been playing together a TON. It’s hilarious, wonderful, and awful – all at the same time. They really haven’t cared for each other much and I always wished for them to play together… until now. It’s like a three-ring circus in here! They are chasing each other, tackling each other, biting each other, hitting each other… I think you get the picture. There are some really sweet moments though, too. There are hugs, kisses, and yesterday Twin B was giving Twin A water when she was sick and then patted her on the head.


I can’t complain. It’s really cute to see them interact and learn about each other every day. They are growing fast!

Back to workouts ­čÖé

Sunday: 5/8

Found this on instagram, @Crossfit_wod_wide
6 rounds for time:

3 deadlifts, 155#
4 ring dips (assisted with band)
5 strict press (35#)
6 burpees

I finished in 10:36

4 x jump rope tabata (16 minute total)
1 x tabata KB swing
1 x tabata KB snatches
1 x tabata strict press (20#)

Monday: 5/9

3 x 3 chin ups
3 x 10 bicep curls, 35# (total)
4, 3, 2 banded chin ups
3 x 15 bicep curls, 20#
3 x 10 tricep dips
3 x 10 skull crushers (20#)
3 x 10 OH tricep ext (10#)
3 x 10 triceps pull down

Tuesday: 5/10

Off, not feeling well

Wednesday: 5/11

“Me, Myself, and My Bar” – I think I found this workout on instagram, @Wodcrossfit

For time, all with 45#:

100 push press
75 back squats
50 hang cleans
25 front squats

I finished in 17:17. This one is WAY harder than it seems. My quads were sore for days, and the push press section was really difficult.

Thursday: 5/12

3 sets of max pull ups
3 sets of max chin ups
3 sets of max neutral grip pull ups

repeat above using band ^ for 3 sets

3 x 10 bicep curls with 45# bar

3 x 10 barbell bent over rows 45#
3 x 10 one armed rows 20#

3 x 8 bicep curls, 35# total
3 x 15 bicep curls, 20#
3 x 10 ring rows

Friday: 5/13

off, busy day of appointments and errands

Saturday: 5/14

Straight leg deadlift
4 x 10 at 95#
1 x 10 at 115#
3 x 5 at 125#

3 x 10 KB goblet squat
3 x 10 high step ups (30″ box)

3 x 12 one legged KB deadlift (each leg)
3 x 10 kickstand KB deadlift (see more info here)

3 x 1:00 glute bridge holds with 25# plate

cash out: 100 walking lunges

walked/jogged 2 miles

Sunday: 5/15 


I hope you’re having a great week! Let me know in the comments if you had any great workouts ­čÖé



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