Workout 3/4/16

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Today’s workout was some quick and dirty cardio.

I woke up at 5 to snow falling outside and definitely needed to get warm.  Since I usually try to get in a shower and few sips of coffee before the babies wake up, the timing of this one worked out nicely. This one is very cardio focused, as it is higher reps and lower weight. I’m trying to alternate days of heavy lifting and what I like to call “panic breathing” workouts.



Worked on power snatches (see video of movement here)

I warmed up with a few sets of ten with just the bar. I eventually worked up to 65# and did three sets.

Snatches are something I don’t like to go very heavy on. Any heavier than 65# right now, I’ll end up with bad form. I’m happy to stay injury free, thank you very much!


Use an interval timer app to program 6, two minute high intensity rounds with 1:30 rest in between.

Each round is an AMRAP of:

  1. deep squats with 45# bar on back (could sub air squats)
  2. pull-ups*
  3. OH lunge with 25# plate
  4. burpees
  5. jump rope
  6. Sumo deadlift high pull (I used 35# KB)

Push yourself, because each round is short!

*I will use a band or stool to help me get more reps. I’m still working on stringing my strict pull-ups together!

Cool down:

3×30 russian twists with medicine ball or weight plate

This workout only took me 45 minutes, definitely do-able if you’re on a time crunch.




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