(This post contains affiliate links, thanks for your support! Also see disclaimer here.) I thought this week might be a good time to check in with my post-baby body progress. The last time I really took a look at my progress was January. My twins are now 17 months old! I haven't really lost much weight, maybe a few pounds that fluctuate. I definitely feel stronger and a little leaner. I'm still about 7 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight, but I don't really mind the scale too much. I've gained a lot of muscle, and I think a little more weight loss will come once the twins wean from breastfeeding. We are down to twice per day now, and it's probably going to happen sooner than later - definitely bittersweet! [caption id="attachment_485" align="aligncenter" width="510"]postpartum fitness                    14 months postpartum vs 17 months postpartum[/caption] I was just thinking about my mindset after I first had the twins. I was so self-conscious. I went from feeling like the most beautiful pregnant woman in the world, to feeling frumpy and exhausted. I know my expectations were unrealistic. I thought I would just "bounce back" after a few weeks - like the celebrities do. I wish we could all just accept that the timeline to get back in shape is most likely not 6 weeks for the average person. I'm hoping that through my real experiences you'll see that these changes take time and effort. I'm still not 100% where I'd like to be. I think pregnancy, especially twin pregnancy, is a lot for the body to handle. My body is now, and always will be, a work in progress. We need to be gentle with ourselves and not expect too much too soon. I'm just glad and proud to have gained so much strength and fit into my old jeans. At the end of the day - that's all that really matters! We've been loving the nicer weather and getting outside for some workouts! It's a nice change of scenery from the basement, plus it affords me the opportunity to workout when the babies are awake. Sometimes I need early morning & nap time for school work, so this is a great option. The twins have a great time running around and playing. They love to say "shoes" and their little faces light up when we get ready to go out. IMG_3795 IMG_3657 IMG_3691 Now onto the workouts! Monday: 4/11 Strength:  max chin ups x 3 max pull ups x 3 static ring holds, 20 seconds x 3 (I have these) push press - worked up to 95# WOD - 3 rounds: 15 box jumps 20 push press (45#) 15 ring rows 15 barbell good mornings cash out: 3 x 12 long sided barbell rows (I had a 25# plate on - see demo) 3 x 12 one-armed bent over rows (20# KB) Tuesday: 4/12 turkish get ups - did multiple sets with 20# KB until form suffered 3 rounds: 5 assisted pistols (each side) 10 KB cleans (each side) 3 x 10 OH triceps extension 3 x 10 dips 3 x 10 tricep pull down with band Wednesday: 4/13 5 sets of 10 back squats (65# - I don't have a squat rack) WOD - 3 rounds: 10 pushups 15 barbell hip thrusts (65#) 5 chest flies on the rings 10 reverse lunges (each leg) 10 single leg deadlifts (each leg) 10 goblet squats (35#) cash out: 3 x 10 hack squats 65# 3 x 10 glute kickbacks Thursday: 4/14 outside! 3 rounds: 20 KB swings (35#) 15 sumo deadlift high pull (35#) 10 burpees 10 sets of stroller sprints Friday: 4/15 Strength: max pull ups x 3 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 chin ups Power cleans: worked up to 105#. Couldn't get 115, though I tried!!! WOD - 5 rounds: 5 snatches (65#) 10 hanging knee raises 30 second plank 100 jump ropes Saturday: 4/16 rest day! Sunday: 4/17 max chin ups x 3 3 x 3 negative pull ups 3 x 10 ring rows WOD - 3 rounds: 14 push press (65#) 14 straight leg deadlift (65#) 7 burpees took me about 8 minutes, I was slow. 3 rounds: max ring hold max wall sit 10 hanging knee raises 10 lying leg lifts Monday: 4/18 warm up: jump rope deadlifts - worked up to 5 sets at 165! That's all for this week. Let me know if you did any great workouts in the comments! Always looking for inspiration :-)

Not to sound cheesy, but spring is the season of new beginnings, right? There is that sense of renewal when the trees are budding and the birds are chirping. I made a lot of changes in my life this winter - it has not been easy. My whole family is putting a lot of effort into helping me finish school - it has taken a huge leap of faith for everyone involved. I can't help but think how grateful I am for the opportunity to improve myself and work towards new goals. I thought it would be a nice idea to "put pen to paper" and think about what I'd like to accomplish this season. I haven't been posting my workouts the past week or two. They've definitely been happening, but I've been super sick and trying to take it a little easier. I have asthma, so getting sick is a huge barrier to working out hard. I'm hoping this week I'll start to feel better and start posting again! twins Family: 1. Spend a lot of time with family, enjoying the beautiful children we have and cherishing our time together. 2. Plan an awesome overnight date with my husband and a fun, little family trip. 3. Take more videos of my sweet girls learning, playing, and enjoying. Save them 1000 times on 8 different devices, burn them onto DVDs, etc. (I hate this job, but it needs to happen!) IMG_2036 Professional: 1. Successfully complete my first nursing clinical this summer - really nervous about this one! I'm sure I will be fine, but I've worked so hard and waited so long to get here. I just want to make sure I'm giving it my all. 2. Post on the blog 2-3 times per week, increase readership. 3. Stay organized with school - I have a tendency to be more like "organized chaos" - which is not very organized at all. 4. Study for boards as I go, try not to be last minute about it. I took a two year hiatus from school to have my babies, so I really need to be reviewing material A LOT! [caption id="attachment_454" align="aligncenter" width="499"]Study partner! Study partner![/caption] fitness Fitness: 1. String together several strict pull ups. (Right now I can only do one at a time without a band.) 2. Accomplish 65# overhead squat 3. Power clean 115# 4. Work on pistols (I broke my ankle several years ago - ankle mobility is a huge issue for me here!) 5. Do a ring dip! 6. Starting to think about potentially competing in bikini/figure at some point in the next year or two - am I crazy!??? IMG_2787 Nutrition: 1. Focus on less gluten-free cheat meals. I love GF pizza and GF bread, etc... but it's been too much lately. I want to focus more on having that as a truly a "treat." 2. Kick my every night chocolate habit. I love chocolate, and I don't think it's bad for you. I just have a tendency to WAY overdo it. A few times a week would be much better than every day. Personal: 1. Read The Bible daily. I have the app, She Reads Truth, that has a convenient 1 year bible format. I've been trying to commit to reading each night, even if it's only just the new testament passages. It's really a lot better than the print format because it tells you the % completed and that's really motivating! I really need to stop making excuses on this one. 2. Develop more confidence and empower myself to be who I am. This is a tough one, and it's truly hard to apply. But, from things like just writing more and not seeking approval from others before I post, or sharing my real, post-baby body on social media - those are all things that are important to get out there. KBsnatch Your turn: I'd love to read about your goals for the spring/summer, whether it be personal/professional, fitness-related, or not! 

(I'm not a personal trainer or a doctor - please regard this as general information only. See full disclaimer. Also, this post may contain affiliate links, thank you for your support!) Happy Easter! Hope you enjoyed your holiday as much as we enjoyed ours. I had some traveling going on this week, so there were more rest days than usual and some eating that was not so healthy. I indulged in GF pizza, brownies, & cheesecake. In the past I would have beat myself up for that really badly, but I'm learning to just accept that sometimes part of life is celebrating and enjoying the moment.The good news is, I still got 5 solid workouts in - and I'm happy to start fresh this week! [caption id="attachment_360" align="aligncenter" width="400"]shoulders This basement workout selfie is brought to you by SHOULDERS! :-)[/caption] Sunday: 3/20 Rest day! Monday: 3/21 Power Snatches (see demo here). 1. 3 snatches at 55# every 30 seconds for 3 minutes 2. 3 snatches at 65# EMOM (every minute on the minute) for 3 minutes 3. 3 snatches at 75# EMOM for 3 minutes 4. 1 snatch at 85# EMOM for 3 minutes Followed by: 3 rounds of: 1 strict pull up 1 side-by-side pull up (AKA "commando" pull up) 1 chin up 3 rounds of max flexed arm hang 1: 20 sec 2: 26 sec 3: 27 sec 3 rounds of: 5 one-legged pistols on box (will look something like this) 10 bent over rows (75#) 10 bicep curls (35#) 3 rounds of: 1 strict pull up 1 commando pull up 1 chin up - This was a really great strength workout. My arms were on fire! Tuesday: 3/22 Performed 1 tabata of each of the following exercises: 1. air squats 2. jump rope 3. KB swings (I used 35#). 4. plank and crunches (1/2 and 1/2) 5. jump lunges and burpees This is a really quick cardio workout if you are pressed for time! Wednesday: 3/23 floor press Worked on shoulder dislocates with resistance band (see here). My shoulder mobility stinks right now! 5 minute EMOM of max pull ups 5 x 5 overhead squats (45#) floor press (3 x 10 @ 45#) 3 x 1:00 S2OH (shoulder to overhead) holds (45#) 3 x 1:00 OH squat holds using resistance band 3 x 10 OH triceps extension Thursday: 3/24 Jump rope 4 min. Deadlifts: Sets of 10 at 95#, 105#, 115#, 125#, 135# 7 sets of max effort at 145# 5 rounds of 20 second dead hangs on the pull up bar Friday: 3/25 travel day, off Saturday: 3/26 IMG_2945 5 rounds of hill sprints (finished in 3:30) Jump rope intervals Boxing workout with partner Travel circuit, 5 rounds for time of: 15 KB swings (35#) 10 OH walking lunges (used 25# plate) 15 SDHP (sumo deadlift high pull) 10 burpees (finished this section in 11:34 - it was tough!) Here's a fun picture to save of this workout (you can pin it!) workout Hope you are having a great start to your week!

fit mom I've decided to start posting my workouts in a weekly format so it's easier to see the bigger picture of how I'm fitting workouts into my life. I always love to check in on people's blogs and see what they're doing to gain inspiration. Please keep in mind, I'm not a personal trainer or a doctor, this is just what I've been up to, so please don't do anything crazy. This was a super good week for me in terms of getting myself back to where I need to be in the strength department.   Saturday: 3/12 I worked on power cleans today - and was able to get up to 5 sets of 5 @ 95 pounds! This was a huge accomplishment for me, as I haven't been able to clean 95# consistently for a while. I've been trying to focus on form with these lifts more often and not try to overcomplicate with other exercises. Believe me, doing 10 sets or more of power cleans will leave you plenty tired! Sunday: 3/13 Off day! Monday: 3/14 warm up: worked on kipping pull-up technique (I'm still not there yet!) + 3 sets of 10 deadlifts at 95# workout: For time: 21-15-9 (reps) deadlifts (I used 125#) pushups rest 3 minutes 21-15-9 Curtis-P's (hang clean, front rack lunge L + R, push press - see video here, I just did 45#) box jumps The first portion took me 4:59 to complete. The second portion took me 14:04 to complete. The Curtis-P's were straight up terrible. I started at 65#, immediately regretted it, and dropped the weight to just the bar. Definitely do this light! I broke it up into sets of 5 or so, it was tough! Tuesday: 3/15 5 minute EMOM of max pull-ups (no band) (every minute on the minute perform as many as you can string together) 10 OH squats (pick a comfortable weight - I do these light) 5 minute EMOM of max pull-ups (with band this time) 10 OH squats 5 minute EMOM of chin-ups (no band) 10 OH squats Wednesday: 3/16 5 rounds for time: 15 kettlebell swings (I used 35#) 15 bent over row (45#) 15 plank to pushup (demo here) 15 jump lunges This took me 14:00 to finish. The plank to pushup portion was surprisingly hard. Also, I varied the grip on the bent over rows, between supinated and pronated, to target different areas. Thursday: 3/17 Off day Friday: 3/18 I alternated sets of power cleans with straight leg deadlifts - it looked something like this: 10 power cleans @ 65 #, 10 SL deadlifts @ 65# 10 power cleans @ 75#, 10 SL deadlifts @ 75# 10 power cleans @ 85#, 10 SL deadlifts @ 85# 5 power cleans @ 95#, 10 SL deadlifts @ 95# 5 power cleans @ 95#, 10 SL deadlifts @95# 3 power cleans @ 105#, 5 SL deadlifts @ 105# 2 power cleans @ 105#, 5 SL deadlifts @105# afterwards: 3 rounds of: 30 seconds dead hangs on pull-up bar (example) 1:00 wall sit 1:00 squat holds w/ 25# plate (example) *Getting those power cleans at 105# was a new PR for me! So happy about it! Saturday: 3/19 inspired by this workout For time, complete: 50 front squats (65#) 10 clean and jerks (65#) 50 box jumps 10 clean and jerks 50 pushups 10 clean and jerks 50 box jumps 10 clean and jerks I finished in 23:15, this one was really tough - even with scaling it down. I would like to try the regular version posted on the link above once I'm less sore! What were your workouts like this week? Did you break any of your records?