fit mom I've decided to start posting my workouts in a weekly format so it's easier to see the bigger picture of how I'm fitting workouts into my life. I always love to check in on people's blogs and see what they're doing to gain inspiration. Please keep in mind, I'm not a personal trainer or a doctor, this is just what I've been up to, so please don't do anything crazy. This was a super good week for me in terms of getting myself back to where I need to be in the strength department.   Saturday: 3/12 I worked on power cleans today - and was able to get up to 5 sets of 5 @ 95 pounds! This was a huge accomplishment for me, as I haven't been able to clean 95# consistently for a while. I've been trying to focus on form with these lifts more often and not try to overcomplicate with other exercises. Believe me, doing 10 sets or more of power cleans will leave you plenty tired! Sunday: 3/13 Off day! Monday: 3/14 warm up: worked on kipping pull-up technique (I'm still not there yet!) + 3 sets of 10 deadlifts at 95# workout: For time: 21-15-9 (reps) deadlifts (I used 125#) pushups rest 3 minutes 21-15-9 Curtis-P's (hang clean, front rack lunge L + R, push press - see video here, I just did 45#) box jumps The first portion took me 4:59 to complete. The second portion took me 14:04 to complete. The Curtis-P's were straight up terrible. I started at 65#, immediately regretted it, and dropped the weight to just the bar. Definitely do this light! I broke it up into sets of 5 or so, it was tough! Tuesday: 3/15 5 minute EMOM of max pull-ups (no band) (every minute on the minute perform as many as you can string together) 10 OH squats (pick a comfortable weight - I do these light) 5 minute EMOM of max pull-ups (with band this time) 10 OH squats 5 minute EMOM of chin-ups (no band) 10 OH squats Wednesday: 3/16 5 rounds for time: 15 kettlebell swings (I used 35#) 15 bent over row (45#) 15 plank to pushup (demo here) 15 jump lunges This took me 14:00 to finish. The plank to pushup portion was surprisingly hard. Also, I varied the grip on the bent over rows, between supinated and pronated, to target different areas. Thursday: 3/17 Off day Friday: 3/18 I alternated sets of power cleans with straight leg deadlifts - it looked something like this: 10 power cleans @ 65 #, 10 SL deadlifts @ 65# 10 power cleans @ 75#, 10 SL deadlifts @ 75# 10 power cleans @ 85#, 10 SL deadlifts @ 85# 5 power cleans @ 95#, 10 SL deadlifts @ 95# 5 power cleans @ 95#, 10 SL deadlifts @95# 3 power cleans @ 105#, 5 SL deadlifts @ 105# 2 power cleans @ 105#, 5 SL deadlifts @105# afterwards: 3 rounds of: 30 seconds dead hangs on pull-up bar (example) 1:00 wall sit 1:00 squat holds w/ 25# plate (example) *Getting those power cleans at 105# was a new PR for me! So happy about it! Saturday: 3/19 inspired by this workout For time, complete: 50 front squats (65#) 10 clean and jerks (65#) 50 box jumps 10 clean and jerks 50 pushups 10 clean and jerks 50 box jumps 10 clean and jerks I finished in 23:15, this one was really tough - even with scaling it down. I would like to try the regular version posted on the link above once I'm less sore! What were your workouts like this week? Did you break any of your records?