Hello there! I'm back to post my workouts this week. I had a pretty unplugged weekend, and it was really nice. The girls and I spent some time with family and I got a decent amount of schoolwork done. Saturday we went to my school for this agricultural fair, it was really cute! The girls were still a little young for it, but we got to see cows, chickens, sheep, etc. The university also has their own homemade ice cream facility, where they have no-sugar added vanilla. It's pretty much everything I've ever wanted in an ice cream. I wish it was a more common thing - most desserts are too sweet for me! The girls tried it and didn't really love it. Whose kids are they?? IMG_4143 ....At least they are cute in their little rain jackets! In other news, I twisted my ankle during a workout. I didn't even realize it was a problem until afterward when the side of it turned blue and I had some serious ligament pain. I've been icing/compressing/elevating and it's slowly starting to feel better. I already have some issues with my left ankle because I broke it 7 years ago, now my right is the problem. I ordered one of those copper compression sleeves to see if it will help. In the meantime, I'm going to avoid any leg/high impact workouts for at least the next week. It's really hard with this type of soft-tissue injury - on one hand, I'd like to get back to normal workouts ASAP... on the other, I don't want to make it worse and be out of commission for even longer. I'm just going to take this opportunity to focus on upper body strength and dial in my diet. Working out is a lifestyle thing for me and I'd rather not injure myself long-term!

lunges I feel like lunges will not be happening for a while :-/

On a happier note - I was able to get my hair done this week! Seriously, I know other moms understand how much of a treat it is to have time to take care of yourself. My hairdresser was really sweet and curled my hair. I think she knows that doesn't happen very often! LOL IMG_4123 Now onto the workouts! IMG_3993 Monday: 4/25 The "Bear Complex" but 7 rounds with 5 reps per round. (1 rep = hang clean, front squat, push press, back squat, push press) Weights posted below. 1: 45#, 2: 55#, 3: 65#, 4. 65#, 5. 65#, 6. 55#, 7. 55# triceps targeted circuit x 3 5 ring dips (with band) 10 skull crushers (20#) 10 OH triceps extension 10 triceps pull down Tuesday: 4/26 max pull ups x 3 max chin ups x 3 max push ups in one minute: I did 35! Tabata of each exercise: burpees jump rope KB swings (35#) jump squat forward and back Wednesday: 4/27 deadlifts - worked up to 7 x 5 at 165# Thursday: 4/28 repeated a workout from 12/29. 21-15-9 box jumps push ups old time: 5:35  new time: 3:34 (2 whole minutes improvement!!!!!) Complete each exercise for time, all with 65#: 30 snatches 30 clean and jerks 30 thrusters old time: 12:05  new time: 11:22 This is such a tough workout! It is absolutely killer on grip strength. You have to complete 30 of each before you can move on to the next 30, which I think makes it much harder than breaking it up however you want. I'm so proud of my time improvement in 4 months! Journaling my workouts has helped my mental game SO much. Now I have physical evidence that I'm improving! This is also where I twisted my ankle coming down from box jumps :-/ Friday: 4/29 off - ankle issues Saturday: 4/30 3 rounds of: 25 push ups 10 chest rows on rings 10 floor press (65#) 5 assisted ring dips 10 OH triceps ext (10#) 10 skull crushers (20#) 10 dips on box Sunday: 5/1 off Monday: 5/2 back workout: 3 x 3 pull ups (banded) 3 x 4 chin-ups (banded) 3 x 3 neutral grip pull ups (banded) 3 x 10 ring rows 3 x 10 underhand barbell rows (65#) 3 x 10 one armed bent over rows (20#) 3 x 5 one armed bent over rows (35#) 3 x 12 long bar rows (35# on bar) 5 x max dead hangs on pull up bar That's it for today! Does anyone have a good workout to try this week? Do anything fun this weekend? Any advice for recovering from injured ankles? 

(I'm not a personal trainer or a doctor - please regard this as general information only. See full disclaimer. Also, this post may contain affiliate links, thank you for your support!) Happy Easter! Hope you enjoyed your holiday as much as we enjoyed ours. I had some traveling going on this week, so there were more rest days than usual and some eating that was not so healthy. I indulged in GF pizza, brownies, & cheesecake. In the past I would have beat myself up for that really badly, but I'm learning to just accept that sometimes part of life is celebrating and enjoying the moment.The good news is, I still got 5 solid workouts in - and I'm happy to start fresh this week! [caption id="attachment_360" align="aligncenter" width="400"]shoulders This basement workout selfie is brought to you by SHOULDERS! :-)[/caption] Sunday: 3/20 Rest day! Monday: 3/21 Power Snatches (see demo here). 1. 3 snatches at 55# every 30 seconds for 3 minutes 2. 3 snatches at 65# EMOM (every minute on the minute) for 3 minutes 3. 3 snatches at 75# EMOM for 3 minutes 4. 1 snatch at 85# EMOM for 3 minutes Followed by: 3 rounds of: 1 strict pull up 1 side-by-side pull up (AKA "commando" pull up) 1 chin up 3 rounds of max flexed arm hang 1: 20 sec 2: 26 sec 3: 27 sec 3 rounds of: 5 one-legged pistols on box (will look something like this) 10 bent over rows (75#) 10 bicep curls (35#) 3 rounds of: 1 strict pull up 1 commando pull up 1 chin up - This was a really great strength workout. My arms were on fire! Tuesday: 3/22 Performed 1 tabata of each of the following exercises: 1. air squats 2. jump rope 3. KB swings (I used 35#). 4. plank and crunches (1/2 and 1/2) 5. jump lunges and burpees This is a really quick cardio workout if you are pressed for time! Wednesday: 3/23 floor press Worked on shoulder dislocates with resistance band (see here). My shoulder mobility stinks right now! 5 minute EMOM of max pull ups 5 x 5 overhead squats (45#) floor press (3 x 10 @ 45#) 3 x 1:00 S2OH (shoulder to overhead) holds (45#) 3 x 1:00 OH squat holds using resistance band 3 x 10 OH triceps extension Thursday: 3/24 Jump rope 4 min. Deadlifts: Sets of 10 at 95#, 105#, 115#, 125#, 135# 7 sets of max effort at 145# 5 rounds of 20 second dead hangs on the pull up bar Friday: 3/25 travel day, off Saturday: 3/26 IMG_2945 5 rounds of hill sprints (finished in 3:30) Jump rope intervals Boxing workout with partner Travel circuit, 5 rounds for time of: 15 KB swings (35#) 10 OH walking lunges (used 25# plate) 15 SDHP (sumo deadlift high pull) 10 burpees (finished this section in 11:34 - it was tough!) Here's a fun picture to save of this workout (you can pin it!) workout Hope you are having a great start to your week!

(This post contains affiliate links - please see what that means here). Today's workout was some quick and dirty cardio. I woke up at 5 to snow falling outside and definitely needed to get warm.  Since I usually try to get in a shower and few sips of coffee before the babies wake up, the timing of this one worked out nicely. This one is very cardio focused, as it is higher reps and lower weight. I'm trying to alternate days of heavy lifting and what I like to call "panic breathing" workouts. IMG_2359 Strength:   Worked on power snatches (see video of movement here) I warmed up with a few sets of ten with just the bar. I eventually worked up to 65# and did three sets. Snatches are something I don't like to go very heavy on. Any heavier than 65# right now, I'll end up with bad form. I'm happy to stay injury free, thank you very much! Workout: Use an interval timer app to program 6, two minute high intensity rounds with 1:30 rest in between. Each round is an AMRAP of:
  1. deep squats with 45# bar on back (could sub air squats)
  2. pull-ups*
  3. OH lunge with 25# plate
  4. burpees
  5. jump rope
  6. Sumo deadlift high pull (I used 35# KB)
Push yourself, because each round is short! *I will use a band or stool to help me get more reps. I'm still working on stringing my strict pull-ups together! Cool down: 3x30 russian twists with medicine ball or weight plate This workout only took me 45 minutes, definitely do-able if you're on a time crunch.