(This post contains affiliate links - please see what that means here). Ready for St. Patrick's Day? It's a little early, but hopefully this will give you a chance to plan ahead! I saw a recipe for grain-free irish soda bread on Satisfying Eats, and it inspired me to put my own spin on it. IMG_0001 In the past, when I've made regular irish soda bread, I always used Irish whiskey soaked raisins. This time, I subbed raisins for dates and whiskey for bourbon. I really think the dates and bourbon give it a really different twist and nice sweetness. Also, I had neither raisins nor Irish whiskey in my pantry... so there's that. IMG_0006 IMG_0005 This recipe also uses buttermilk, which is traditional. You can make this dairy free by subbing buttermilk for coconut milk and apple cider vinegar (1/2 cup + 1/2 Tbsp), or you could also use whole milk + ACV. I would definitely encourage you to try this one, totally not hard to make and very moist and delicious! It's pretty boozy, so probably best to keep this one for yourself after the kids go to bed. IMG_0007 [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:3]   Please let me know if you liked it!

(This post contains affiliate links, see full disclosure here) So, I wanted to make stuffed peppers for dinner with a lower carb count than your traditional recipe. Mixing in a bunch of rice with the meat doesn't do anything for me. Not only do I try to eat grains sparingly, but seriously - if I'm going to eat rice... I'm going to eat it plain and covered with butter. I want the full experience - not a bunch of rice hidden in a dish for no reason. With that being said, I wanted to keep the texture similar and add a nutritional boost. Enter in: baby kale, chard, and spinach blend IMG_2131 I LOVE these greens, and so do my twins. They are so mild tasting, yet still full of flavor with zero bitterness. If you think you don't like kale, try this. Anyway, I had the idea to chop some of it up, sautéing it with a sweet onion and some spices, and mixing it into the meat mixture for the peppers. I like to also add the seasonings here because I think sautéing them with the onion adds more flavor. IMG_2133 IMG_2134 IMG_2136 After hollowing out the peppers, I also didn't want to throw away the tops. Instead of being wasteful, I chopped those up to also use in the filling. IMG_2137 IMG_2138 IMG_2139 To bind the filling, instead of rice, I used a little bit of Coconut Flour. Coconut flour is a great binder because it sucks up a lot of moisture and you need very little of it. This makes it one of the more economical "paleo" flours. I've also used it in meatloaves and meatballs with great success.   IMG_2141 I mixed together 1 egg with the coconut flour, ground beef, and tomato sauce (I used jarred tomato sauce since this was a quick weeknight dinner - and the twins were not happy). Add in the cooled greens + onion mixture and the diced up pepper tops. Mix well with your hands and stuff the peppers. Add remaining tomato sauce around the peppers. These take about an hour, maybe more to cook. Use a meat thermometer to check for doneness. IMG_2142 IMG_2143 There you have it! You don't need rice to make this a super satisfying and filling meal full of vegetables. *Tip for your toddlers - I had some of the meat mixture left over, so I cooked it up in a frying pan on its own. I gave this to my twins because they were getting very impatient for dinner and obviously tomato sauce is kind of a mess for one year olds. They loved it! Here's the shortened (and printable!) recipe instructions: [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:1]