Motivation Monday Workout, 3/716

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Need some motivation for your Monday?


This was a really awesome, heart-pounding workout. I’m trying to get back in good cardio shape after struggling with virus after virus and my asthma this winter. It has not been easy, but I think I’m finally getting there!

You’ll need a pull-up bar, a kettlebell (I used 35#), a barbell and plates, and a box (mine is a homemade version of this), and an interval timer app (or this).

I’m working on my pull-ups a lot, still using a band most of the time, but getting there!

Warm up/Strength:

5 min EMOM of pull-ups – string together as many as you can each minute and then rest the remaining time. (My goal was 3-4 per minute)


Set your interval timer to go off every 2 minutes. You’ll do this workout for time, and every 2 minutes stop what you’re doing and perform 5 burpees. Getting this workout done fast = less burpees!

3 rounds for time:

10 deadlifts (125#)

10 goblet squats (I used 35# KB)

10 bicep curls (I used 35# KB)

10 step ups on box (each leg, I used 20″ box)

10 bent over rows (5 each arm, I used 35# KB)

+ 5 burpees every 2 minutes.

  • I finished this workout in 13:39 and did 30 burpees.

Cool Down/Abs

3 x 1:00 planks


Let me know if you try it – or tell me about your workout!




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