Turning Over a New Leaf: goals for spring & summer

Not to sound cheesy, but spring is the season of new beginnings, right? There is that sense of renewal when the trees are budding and the birds are chirping. I made a lot of changes in my life this winter – it has not been easy. My whole family is putting a lot of effort into helping me finish school – it has taken a huge leap of faith for everyone involved. I can’t help but think how grateful I am for the opportunity to improve myself and work towards new goals. I thought it would be a nice idea to “put pen to paper” and think about what I’d like to accomplish this season.

I haven’t been posting my workouts the past week or two. They’ve definitely been happening, but I’ve been super sick and trying to take it a little easier. I have asthma, so getting sick is a huge barrier to working out hard. I’m hoping this week I’ll start to feel better and start posting again!



1. Spend a lot of time with family, enjoying the beautiful children we have and cherishing our time together.
2. Plan an awesome overnight date with my husband and a fun, little family trip.
3. Take more videos of my sweet girls learning, playing, and enjoying. Save them 1000 times on 8 different devices, burn them onto DVDs, etc. (I hate this job, but it needs to happen!)



1. Successfully complete my first nursing clinical this summer – really nervous about this one! I’m sure I will be fine, but I’ve worked so hard and waited so long to get here. I just want to make sure I’m giving it my all.
2. Post on the blog 2-3 times per week, increase readership.
3. Stay organized with school – I have a tendency to be more like “organized chaos” – which is not very organized at all.
4. Study for boards as I go, try not to be last minute about it. I took a two year hiatus from school to have my babies, so I really need to be reviewing material A LOT!

Study partner!

Study partner!



1. String together several strict pull ups. (Right now I can only do one at a time without a band.)
2. Accomplish 65# overhead squat
3. Power clean 115#
4. Work on pistols (I broke my ankle several years ago – ankle mobility is a huge issue for me here!)
5. Do a ring dip!
6. Starting to think about potentially competing in bikini/figure at some point in the next year or two – am I crazy!???



1. Focus on less gluten-free cheat meals. I love GF pizza and GF bread, etc… but it’s been too much lately. I want to focus more on having that as a truly a “treat.”
2. Kick my every night chocolate habit. I love chocolate, and I don’t think it’s bad for you. I just have a tendency to WAY overdo it. A few times a week would be much better than every day.


1. Read The Bible daily. I have the app, She Reads Truth, that has a convenient 1 year bible format. I’ve been trying to commit to reading each night, even if it’s only just the new testament passages. It’s really a lot better than the print format because it tells you the % completed and that’s really motivating! I really need to stop making excuses on this one.
2. Develop more confidence and empower myself to be who I am. This is a tough one, and it’s truly hard to apply. But, from things like just writing more and not seeking approval from others before I post, or sharing my real, post-baby body on social media – those are all things that are important to get out there.


Your turn:

I’d love to read about your goals for the spring/summer, whether it be personal/professional, fitness-related, or not! 

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Pistols are SO hard! I did them last week and I’m not sure my legs ever fully recovered (squatting this week didn’t help either haha). One of my goals is also to string together multiple pull ups. Idk why but I cannot get my kip right between them.

My main goal is to find balance in my diet. I can do great with it if I’m super strict, but that’s no fun! But if I’m not strict, things get out of hand fast and spring/summer is not the time for that lol.

I agree! I have terrible ankle mobility and I struggle SO hard. I’ve been doing some really high step ups and one legged squats on the box to help me progress. Let me know if you have any tips!!!
Kipping is super hard for me too. I always complain about my pull-ups, but I figured I went 24+ years not doing them and I just need to be patient.

I know what you mean about staying balanced! Food is so enjoyable and it’s definitely not easy. Probably a battle we’ll be fighting forever 🙂

Your twins are so cute. I have 5 month oldvtwin boys.

Thank you, Gwen! 5 months is a tough age, I hope all is going well! 🙂

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