Pegher's_1stBirthday_2015_Boost27I’m the twin mom you might see wielding her double stroller, knocking down items in local store, in aisles that should be have been made wider in the first place. I’m passionate about physical fitness and eating real, whole foods. I want to raise my twin girls to know health – to know that food shouldn’t just come from neatly wrapped cellophane packages and that working to improve yourself is always time well-spent. I am super passionate about breastfeeding, natural birthing, and primal eating. I’m looking forward to future endeavors in homesteading, homeschooling, sustainable farming, and helping others through a career in nursing. I live on a small, family farm in the heart of the bluegrass. We are working hard everyday toward our goal of providing our family (and hopefully some local friends!) with quality, sustainably raised meats, eggs, and organically grown vegetables.

Those who know me tell me I was born in the wrong era – hence “Down Home.” But, I know myself, and I also know that the time is now for a resurgence of wholesome ideas that enrich our modern lives and bring us back to a simpler time. Please join me as I share in all aspects of my life with my “Down Home Duo.”



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